Meadow Robotics

Upon founding our company in 2017, we got straight to work in our offices in St. Leon Rot and set ourselves the task of developing and marketing innovative, autonomous robotics for outdoor use. Waterproofness and off-road performance are, among many others, the two most obvious requirements which our products need to meet in order to master the tough demands posed by their rough surroundings. With this in mind, our new ideas and products are pushed to the limits of their durability at an early stage in their development both on our own test stands and at suitable test sites. Our target groups include the agricultural and forestry industries and municipal facilities.

Innovative Ideas

Innovative ideas require unique components. Our battery-powered robots do one thing above all else: they work. Users are only satisfied by efficient devices. This is why we, when we are developing our robots, we focus closely on the functionality of each individual part.

Always with your finger on the pulse of your robot

Always with your finger on the pulse of your robot - when you need it. Would you like to take a quick look at what your robot is doing right now? Or maybe you want to give it a new task to do? How about some useful statistics on the work that has already been done? No problem at all with our intuitive app.

High-tech in a confined space

High-precision sensors and drives that respond within microseconds. Making efficient use of the available energy. Sounds contradictory? This is why we develop part of our electronic components ourselves - exactly tailored to our needs. In this way, our robots can reliably fulfill the functions assigned to them.


Range Robot

Until now, as and when necessary, golf club employees have had to hang a ball collection device on their vehicle and use this to collect the thousands of golf balls strewn across the vast green area of the driving range. In future, this work - the collecting and returning of the balls from the practice area - will be completed by the Range Robot. Fully automatically, reliably and flexibly.

New developments

The Range Robot system, the technologies developed for it and the experience we gain while operating the system, will form the basis for our future developments. The development of an autonomous working device will open up many other fields of application. The further development will not therefore be limited to a robotic lawnmower, but might well include tasks in the agricultural and forestry sectors.

Our Team

Michael Stoll


As a founder and director, Michael is responsible for the management of the company.

Michael completed his studies in computer science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). He founded a company while still engaged in his studies and developed products in the field of digital signage, which are used by numerous clients in both the public and commercial sectors. His many years of experience allow him to bring valuable knowledge to bear in terms of business management and finance.

His meticulous work and overview of the day-to-day business keep the start-up on course even in stressful phases.

Michael and his wife are the proud parents of a son.

Pascal Deschner


As a founder and director, Pascal is responsible for marketing.

Pascal completed his training as an electronics specialist in the automation department of a large company. He then worked in project management for a medium-sized company. In doing so, he was able to gather experience with customers both at home and abroad. Together with Martin, he founded a company involved in mechanical engineering and automation technology and his diverse experience in customer contact allow him to profitably deal with dealers and customers alike.

His open and commercially-secure approach is convincing from the very first contact through to the conclusion of the contract.

As a group leader in the volunteer fire brigade, he is also able to quickly get to grips with confusing situations and takes responsibility for his comrades.

Martin Lang


As a founder and director, Martin is responsible for development.

Martin obtained his Diploma in Engineering from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). During his studies, as director of the Formula Student Team, he was actively involved, among other things, with the e-motorsports area. He worked in a company producing specialist gearboxes and then founded a company with Pascal.

The comprehensive technical know-how he acquired in his previous activities are now being put to use in the development of new products at Meadow Robotics.

Martin always has a creative and imaginative solution to customers’ requirements.

As a respiratory apparatus carrier in the volunteer fire brigade, he keeps a clear head even in tricky situations and in doing so makes a contribution to society on an unpaid basis.


In August 2018, we successfully concluded a campaign on Companisto. Investments by small investors are currently not possible. However, if you are interested in investing a larger sum, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


INVEST - Subsidy for Venture Capital

Meadow Robotics GmbH is eligible for funding within the framework of the "INVEST - Subsidy for Venture Capital" program.


WIPANO - Transfer of knowledge and technology through patents and standards, an initiative from the Federal Ministry for the Economy and Energy.

ESF Coaching

Funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration of Baden-Württemberg with funds from the European Social Fund.


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